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Candies & Toffees

A burst of joy in every bite – candies & toffees that redefine flavour with unique, mouthwatering experiences!

Advent Calendar

Christmas countdown calendar with candy surprises

Bling Ring

Compressed candy

Buddy Dips

Candy bone with sherbat 

Candy Ball Tetra Box

Panned soft candy balls

Bubble Gum

Bubble your way to a sweet, sour, juicy, tangy, and fun-to-eat gum experience! 

Action Squad

Bubble gum with collectable sticks


Bubble gum with liquid filling

Bubble Squad

Fruit-flavoured bubble gum

Blue Nuggets

Bubble gum in cute sacks


Indulge in an explosion of flavours – our chewy delights offer a symphony of sweet, sour, and fruity goodness!

Alien Invasion

Mega sour tape chews – now in Fun Packs!

Assorted Gourmet Chews

Fun-sized chews in exciting flavours

Birthday Cake

Fun-sized chews in exciting flavours

Candy Dough

Candy dough available in 4 colours and 3 animal molds


Experience ultimate chocolate delight


Wafer fingers in milk chocolate

Caramel Chocolate - Large Box

Caramelo toffee in display box & tin box

Caramelo Hazelnut Chocolate

Hazelnut chocolate

Caramel Chocolate - Small Box

Caramel-filled chocolate toffee 


Experience the magic of our lollipops – a swirl of vibrant colours, delicious flavours, and pure happiness encapsulated in every sweet lick!

Big Tattoo

Chew lollipop with a big tattoo

Chocolate Milk Lollipop

Chew twist lollipop- now in twin flavours

Colour Lollipop

Round lollipop with colouring marker

Drip N’ Lick

Lollipop with sour strawberry liquid center


Elevate your sweet moments with our Novelty candy – each piece is a playful surprise, adding joy, colour, and delightful flavour to your day!

Bubble SWAG

Bubble crush – now in 4 juicy fruit flavours

Dino Eggs

Surprise-filled plastic egg toy

Egg Treat

Plastic egg shell with a candy treat inside

Fizzy Bottle Candy 3 Bottle Pack

Mini lollipops in assorted flavours inside of a giant lollipop


A selection of irresistible, delicious, and flavourful snacks and wafers for every taste

Cheez Balls


Fire Balls

Nacho cheese & chili-flavoured 

Lime Balls

Lemon pickle & cheese flavoured


Extruded corn snacks


Experience these squishy, fluffy goodies bursting with flavor that aren’t just tasty but also fun to eat.

Pillowy Puffs

Sweet Pillow Puffs in Bag

Stuffed Mallow

A sweet soft treat in three exciting flavors

Stripple Bites Bag

A Sweet soft swirl in a Bag

Stripple Bites

A Sweet soft swirl in a Tray