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Experience the magic of our lollipops – a swirl of vibrant colours, delicious flavours, and pure happiness encapsulated in every sweet lick!

Big Tattoo

Chew lollipop with a big tattoo

Chocolate Milk Lollipop

Chew twist lollipop- now in twin flavours

Colour Lollipop

Round lollipop with colouring marker

Drip N’ Lick

Lollipop with sour strawberry liquid center

Fruit Pops

Tongue painter lollipops

Funday Lollipop

Round lollipop in assorted fruit flavours

Hob Nob

Round lollipop with a gum center

Ice Lolly

Ice cream-shaped lollipop in three flavours

Jumbo Pop

Lollipop in two flavours and two colours

Lovely Heart

Heart-shaped lollipop

Lovely Lollipop

Fruit lollipop

Milku Lollipop - Large Bag

Round milky lollipops

Milku - Small Bag

Round milky lollipops

Paint Pop

Tongue painter lollipop

Paint Pops - Box

Tongue painter lollipop

Sour Electro

Sour Lollipop

Sour Feet - Bag

Foot-shaped lollipops with dippable fizzy powder

Sour Feet - Box

Foot-shaped lollipops with dippable fizzy powder

Sour Grumpy Dips

Lollipop with dipping powder

Strawberry Yogurt

Chew twist lollipop – now in yummy new flavours

Taffy Lollipop

Twist-wrapped lollipop with a tattoo surprise

Tongue Painter

Flat lollipop with colour-splashing layers

Tongue Tattoo Pop

Lollipop with a tongue tattoo