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Princess Tina

For every little girl that wants to grow up to be a princess. Our Princess Tina products bring you loads of exciting treats. Dive into an enchanted and fun-filled fantasy world!

Princess Tina Bubble Gum Pouch

Bubble gum with a collectable notebook and sticker inside

Bracelet Candy

Play, eat, and wear with fun

Candy Necklace

Candy necklace

Princess Tina Doll House

Surprise treat in a doll house

Princess Tina Flow Pack

Sour gumballs with a liquid filling

Princess Tina Giant Lolly

Mini lollipops in assorted flavours

Makeup Kit

Compressed surprise candy in a fun makeup box

Princess Tina Cylinder

Assortment of all our Princess Tina products

Princess Tina Plastic Egg

Surprise treat in a plastic egg

Princess Tina Candy Egg

Egg-shaped treat

Star Ring

Star-shaped candy ring

Strawberry Roll Gum

Rolled bubble gum tape